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Invisible aligners

Worn for most of the day, aligners are thin, firm gum shields. After a course of bespoke aligners, your teeth will be totally straight. Occasionally to achieve perfection a small amount of free hand composite bonding is required to deliver the maximum WOW factor!

About Invisible Aligners

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Our aligner plans

Our Treatment Advisor will talk you through the benefits and limitations of each treatment option to ensure that we create for you an amazing smile at a price point that is affordable.

Invisible aligners

Perfect for straightening a crooked smile.


£79 £ 63/mo


*This is a starting price, consultation required for a bespoke quote.

**This monthly price is based on 60 installments  at 9.9% APR

SureSmile Clear Aligners*

Perfect for straightening a crooked smile. *Select (12 Aligners)


£ 2999


Flexible finance options are available

*Representative example
A loan of £2,999.00 over 60 months would cost you £66.33 per month at a representative 12.9% APR.
The total amount of credit would be £2,999.00, to which we would add £980.81 (12.9% p.a.). This means the total cost of your treatment after 60 months would be £3,979.81.
If you were take out the loan today, you’d pay the first £66.34 upfront, and then 59 payments of £66.33 each month, starting 18 Jan, and ending in Nov 2028.

Our aligners process

Step one

We take a digital scan of your mouth to make an assessment of your teeth.

step two

Production and fitting of the first set of aligners. We then work through the sets of aligners changing them according to prescription.

step three

Once we achieve the perfect and straight smile, we fit retainers to ensure the teeth stay in their new position.

Before and after

Discreet and effective

We use high-tech and digital tracking processes to make our aligners comfortable, and practically invisible. Aligners gently push your teeth into place over time to create a beautifully straight smile.

Digital tracking

As part of our aligner treatments, we take a digital scan of your teeth in order to initially assess the condition of your teeth. We then take this scan and use it to create your custom aligner trays.

Our aligner results

Frequently asked questions

Correctly used they are very effective at simple alignment. They are not suitable for complex crowded situations

In themselves, no, but if you drink a lot of acidic drinks or do not brush your teeth properly the aligners will increase the risk of dental decay – so make sure you brush!

No, but common feedback is a sensation of “tightness” or pressure for the first few weeks. This should not be a surprise as aligners effectively “squeeze” the teeth into a new position.

No, they are simply a different way to straighten teeth without looking like you’re wearing braces. They are pretty much invisible which is why they are popular.

Around 10-14 days.

No. You will need to wear retainers to hold the teeth in the new position to prevent relapse. These can either be work at night or the dentists can bond a retainer to the backs of the teeth. If you do not wear your retainers it is likely that your teeth will move a little, spoiling the effect.