Digital composite bonding from £1799
or uppers and lowers from £3399 plus free whitening (worth £495)!

What is digital composite bonding?

Digital composite bonding is our favourite treatment and it’s very popular among Smiles and Smiles clients! Just like traditional freehand composite bonding, a thin, light-weight layer of resin is custom designed to be placed by a dentist on to your teeth. The treatment is completely non-invasive and does not do any damage to your natural teeth.

The big difference is that digital composite bonding uses the latest dental technology to help map out your new smile, not only focusing on your teeth but looking at the characteristics of your face when you smile and talk, and together with your dentist, you’ll map out what the ideal outcome will look like.

What happens during a digital composite bonding treatment?

Digital composite bonding  is very a straightforward cosmetic dental treatment, and the results can be delivered in a little as two visits to the clinic. At the first visit we scan your smile, then analyse and agree on the perfect outcome for you. At the second visit, we present you with a 3D model of your smile and if you agree you love it, we’ll apply that very smile to you straight away.

At Smiles and Smiles, we always follow a bespoke process to understand exactly the results you are hoping to achieve, to map out the ideal outcome and you will certainly leave smiling!


Using cutting edge technology, your dentist will take a digital 3D scan of your mouth and teeth.


Together with your dentist, you’ll analyse the 3D smile scans and discuss what you want to achieve and tooth by tooth, which cosmetic improvements you would like to address.


…of your new smile in as little as three hours! A cast made from the 3D scan of your ideal smile is used to allow the dentist to exactly apply the agreed results to your  smile transformation.

If you are only having digital composite bonding applied to your upper arch (typically the front 6 or 8 teeth), at this point you might consider having your bottom teeth whitened to keep everything looking uniform and refreshed. Once you’re happy with the digital drawings, the work can begin!

What are the advantages of digital composite bonding?

There are so many reasons to consider digital composite bonding! To name a few:

  • It’s a great way to either colour match or whiten your teeth
  • Digital composite bonding is a great option whether you’re looking to improve minor imperfections or you would like a full smile makeover
  • We use cutting-edge dental technology for your smile transformation, and this always evolving and improving
  • Digital composite bonding is, and always will be, completely bespoke to you
  • You can see the results beforehand and before you commit, giving you ultimate peace of mind
  • Because of this you can rest assured the results will be accurate and exactly to your taste

Who is digital composite bonding right for?

Much like traditional composite bonding, digital composite bonding is suitable for most people. All we ask is that:

  • You’re aged 18+ (or you have written parental consent if you are below the age of 18)
  • You already have a good standard of oral hygiene
  • You are wanting the treatment on your natural teeth — if you have veneers, crowns or dentures, you should speak to a Treatment Advisor about your options

As with all our treatments, afterwards we recommend following our best practice advice for aftercare. You can read more about composite bonding aftercare here.

How do I book in for digital composite bonding?

If you’re ready to talk to us about digital composite bonding, click here to book a consultation with one of our expert Treatment Advisors.